“A Whole New Adele”: How long will it be until Adele’s weight loss is no longer news

The media’s first glimpse into Adele’s weight loss came last December/January time when Adele was pictured on a beach in the Caribbean. Since then every single photo of Adele, whether from the media or her own Instagram account have been plastered across the tabloids with headlines deeming her 7 stone weight loss “incredible” and “mind-blowing”, and TV show This Morning even dedicating a segment to the “Secret of Adele’s Weight loss”. Adele rose to fame in 2008 with the critical success of her first album 19. Her subsequent albums 21 and 25 received even stronger accolade, earning her a total of 9 Brit Awards and 15 Grammys. Yet I don’t believe journalists have ever written an article describing her 15 Grammy awards as “mind-blowing” and it seems that her 7 stone weight loss has received the same, if not more attention than any of these prior achievements.

Last week Adele posted her latest Instagram post, dedicated to one of her musical heroes, Beyoncé. In the snap Adele is bare-faced, curly-haired and her weight loss is again apparent. Despite the fact we have known about Adele’s weight loss since the start of the year, this picture again managed to make the news with The Mirror’s headline reading “Adele’s ‘mind-blowing’ reason for 7-stone weight loss leaving her unrecognisable”, and The Sun publishing an article analysing what the “comeback” pictures of Adele “REALLY mean”. The singer’s personal trainer, Pete Geracimo has stated that Adele’s motivation to lose weight was nothing to do with how she looked, or a desire to be skinny, it was purely for health reasons in the interest of her son. I haven’t seen an article focus on the fact she is now healthier or congratulating the singer on taking responsibility for her health for the benefit of her child – instead the articles are all focused on her new image.  

The Sun reported that her birthday insta “broke the internet” and titled the image “The ‘proud’ weight loss reveal”. Or could it have just been a thank you to her fans for the birthday wishes and a shout out to all the key workers as the caption read? The potty-mouthed star from Tottenham has discussed in the past how she believes social media isn’t real, commenting that she wouldn’t be able to write a real and successful album if she was waiting for half a million likes on a photo. This suggests that Adele didn’t post with the motive of revealing a ‘new her’ and doesn’t need articles and comments on her weight loss and appearance to validate herself.  

I can’t lie that I too wasn’t stunned by her transformation, and of course, she looks great. But it seems people are forgetting to mention that she also looked great before. It seems this is the birth of a whole new Adele, when only one thing has actually changed, her dress size. Whilst body acceptance may be on the rise, the industry still promotes, congratulates, and prefers the ‘perfect’ body image, that in the eyes of the media Adele has managed to achieve. No one will deny that Adele wasn’t successful and beautiful before, but there is a profound sense that now she is better. Now she will be more successful.

Scrolling through Instagram I found a post from a fan account, reposting Adele’s recent transformation pictures, the post was captioned: “QUEEN ADELE SERVING US WITH THESE PICS! I’m so excited for her upcoming era OMG”, another read “I’m in love with her! Are you too?” These captions are concerning as it seems that the weight loss specifically has triggered the re-igniting of their love for the singer. Why are they now excited for her new upcoming era? Because the new era includes a cinched in waist and size 8 dresses? Are you in love with her because she is now thinner, prettier and therefore better? It’s fair to say that the tabloids are far more excited and expecting much greater things for her next record now that we know she’s writing from a ‘slimmer’ place.

Adele’s transformation has definitely proved that we still live in a society where appearance and the ‘perfect’ body are very much at the forefront. It is now August, and I’m just wondering how long it will take before Adele’s insta posts stop making the headlines. Her weight loss is no longer news.

Published by The K Word

Hi, I'm Kirsten, I'm 20 years old and from Chester. I'm currently studying English Literature at the University of York. I've decided to set this blog up as I have been thinking about it for a while, and with the whole pandemic thing, I really have no more excuses. Lockdown has given me a new love for my hobbies and so this blog is really just a place for me to write about the things I'm interested in and my opinions on whatever I fancy! Expect lots of book reviews, TV recommendations and hopefully (when Boris lets us leave), travel articles. If anyone has any recommendations on anything at all let me know!

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